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Scentarium™ CEO Sue Phillips creates bespoke perfumes for the stars at the Oscars Gifting Suite

At The Scentarium™, we create custom fragrances for you, your friends, clients and family. Ideal for Bridal, Corporate, Team building events and Perfume Parties for all occasions.

Sue Phillips – Scentrepreneur

We specialise in offering ‘The Scentarium-online’ events where individuals and groups are able to schedule a one-on-one with Sue. You can enjoy this online experience with friends , or on your own, and learn about the magical world of fragrance, take the Scentarium’s unique Personal Personality Profile questionnaire and discover which fragrance family most suits your lifestyle and personality. You will then receive your bespoke perfume in the mail a few days later. This is a great way to learn, experience and build your network of fragrance friends virtually and in the safety of your own home! We create the best perfumes and custom fragrances at our perfume shop and online.

Learn how to design custom perfumes.

Looking for a perfect gift? Why not offer someone the Scentarium™ Introductory Perfume Kit. Everything anyone needs to get started creating their own scent. Suitable for both men and women and all ages.  We create the beautiful perfumes and custom fragrances at our perfume shop in Manhattan and online.

design your own perfume introductory kit
The Scentarium Introductory Perfume Kit has everything you need to get you started on your journey to create you very own bespoke perfumes.

The Scentarium™ is New York’s most unique perfume experience, hosted by fragrance expert Sue Phillips. who will unleash your sensory DNA, culminating in the creation of your very own signature fragrance.

Katie Holmes at The Scentarium™

To inquire about a Fragrance Event with Sue, please fill in the inquiry form here. To find out more about the amazing range of scent events that the Scentarium™ has to offer – see our Custom Scent Experience page here.

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