The Scentarium™

This bespoke perfumery was founded by Sue Phillips who shares her passion and knowledge for perfumes and helps enhance people’s lives through fragrance.

Sue Phillips is a globally-recognized expert in the fragrance & perfume, cosmetics, and personal care fields. From an early age Sue has had a love affair with scents. Today, when she encounters a strange yet familiar fragrance, she is immediately transported back to her roots in South Africa.

Sue at Scentarium™ with Jamie Foxx

Work Experience

Sue Phillips began her career at Elizabeth Arden, as training director conducting Beauty Training Seminars. She was soon promoted into product development for Color Cosmetics, but fragrance marketing beckoned her. Sue could not escape the fact that, while she loved the beauty and fashion industry as a whole, she would always have her mind and heart set on fragrance, and entered the world of Chloe, Lagerfeld & Burberrys brands in the world of Marketing.

She was then hired by Lancôme, Paris, as Marketing Director, Fragrance for Magie Noire and Tresor and after four years,  Sue was hired as Vice President of Fragrance Marketing for Tiffany & Company and developed the first iconic TIFFANY perfume for the 150th anniversary.

Sue has launched perfumes and colognes for leading fragrance brands. She created “Tiffany,” “Tiffany for Men”, “Society” by Burberry, and “Burberry for Men” fragrances. Sue also developed the original three eponymous Trish McEvoy fragrances. Sue has developed brands for Avon, Diane Von Furstenberg, and many other fragrance initiatives.

Sue Phillips -Fragrance Expert


SCENTERPRISES™ is a branding and marketing company which Sue has been running for many years and is at the forefront of Sue’s passion for Custom Perfumery. Sue’s goal is to provide fragrance experiences for individuals and businesses by educating them in the art of designing their own custom scent or using ambient scenting to make a more Scent-Sational corporate environment.

Sue Phillips- CEO of Scenterprises

Motivational Speaker, Writer, and Teacher

Sue Phillips is the Adjunct Professor of Fragrance at LIM College in NYC where she teaches “The Secret World of Scent” course and previously taught at the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.), training a new generation of fragrance marketers and perfume designers.

Sue also serves as an expert witness on fragrance industry matters and frequently writes articles on fragrance trends for industry publications and blogs, HAPPI (Household & Personal Products Industry).  Her Fragrance articles include information Environmental Scenting and Perfume Healing e.g.: Morocco and Sensory Delights,  SENSORY, HEALING – the Correlation between Smell and Taste.

Sue is a member of ISES (International Special Events Society) and CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women), FGI (Fashion Group International). She is a frequent guest speaker at industry seminars, The National Arts Club, and has appeared on ABC TV, HSN, Fox Business TV, KUSI TV and San Diego Living TV.

Sue is available for speaking engagements and is a Consultant in the Industry and an Expert Witness on Fragrance in legal disputes. Call 917-449-1134 or Email.