Create your own fragrance with our interactive Perfume Personality Profile

The Scentarium™ – perfume studio

Hello and Welcome! I am Sue Phillips and I’m thrilled you’ve taken the first step to understanding how unique and prestigious it is to create your own fragrance! Perfume is both an Art and a Science, and it takes perfumers years to study thousands of ingredients, know which combinations work together, and then to create magnificent perfumes. I have been in the Fragrance Industry for many years where, as a Fragrance Designer,  I have collaborated with perfumers to create some of the world’s most iconic perfumes – Tiffany, Burberry, Lancôme, Trish McEvoy, Avon, and many more. I have personally also created Custom Scents at my beautiful perfume studio, The Scentarium™ in New York, and online, where we were the first to offer innovative, fun, unique and interactive Scentertaining® Custom Fragrance Events.  I have also created Bespoke Fragrances for individuals, groups, bridal and bachelorette parties, corporate and team-building events. In addition, I’m excited to let you know  that celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes, Zendaya, Susan Sarandon,  Marcia Gay Harden, as well as Fortune 100/500 clients such as AOL, Bulgari, Coty, Google, Lincoln Navigator, Pinterest and Zurich Financial to name a few have all created their own unique fragrances with us at various corporate events.

Now you can have your own unique perfume designed by me by taking our interactive Perfume Personality Profile – so start your fragrance journey here.

“In a world where individuality and personal expression are increasingly important, you can take it to the next level and design your very own personalized perfume to reflect who you are and how you would like the world to perceive you.

Our sense of smell is our most powerful sense and the impact of someone’s fragrance when you first meet them can become a memory that lasts a lifetime!

So….reflect your individuality and design your very own unique scent on line!”

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Purchase Your Perfume Personality Profile below (10 ml and 20 ml option).
  2. Complete the lifestyle questionnaire.
  3. Choose your atomizer and sachet color and name your perfume.

Your Perfume Personality Profile (when completed) will indicate through your lifestyle preferences and choices which Fragrance Family you most prefer – ie: Fresh, Floral, Woodsy or Spicy. All of this information will be shared with you after we receive your completed Perfume Personality Profile.

Want to know which Fragrance Family suits you? Purchase your Perfume Personality Profile and you will be given access to our fun interactive questionnaire. We will then analyze your results, create for you a custom perfume which you will receive in a beautiful unique Sue Phillips portable, refillable Atomizer (either 10 ml or 20 ml) within 3-5 working days via the mail. Enjoy!

Ready to go? Why wear what everyone else is wearing? Our introductoy prices are:

20 ml Deluxe Travel Atomizer – $195.00

The Sue Phillips’ Atomizers have a twist and swivel mechanism. They are portable, so great for keeping in your bag or pocket etc. They are TSA compliant and can be re-filled and come in a 20 ml refillable atomizer size.

10 ml Small Travel Atomizer – $145.00

Sue Phillips 10 ml refillable, portable, travel-friendly Atomizers are ideal for “on the go” perfume touch ups!