Gift Certificate – Online Scent Discovery Experience


Looking for the perfect gift? Then look no further. With this Gift Certificate you will be offering someone the chance to have an Online Scent Discovery Experience with renowned Fragrance Expert Sue Phillips.

Wearing a beautiful Custom Scent will help calm and energize you; help you become confident, increase your “Sensual Quotient”, and make you happier. We are scheduling our Online Scent Discovery Experiences: 30 minutes to help you understand how fragrance can positively affect your well being.

The person you gift this to will take the proprietary interactive Perfume Personality Profile during the Online Scent Discovery Experience and when the results are analyzed, they will discover their unique scent Persona. Voila! Their Custom Scent will then arrive in the mail a few days later. What a lovely gift!

Only $49.00 for the Online Scent Discovery Experience and $145.00 for the Perfume Personality Profile and Custom Fragrance. (total $194.00).

Ideal for all genders.

Once you have completed the information below, the Gift Certificate will be sent to the person you have nominated who will then be able to book their Online Scent Experience with Sue.

Why not spoil someone you love?

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