Sue Phillips’ Luxury Perfume Blends Are Unique, Refined And Truly Beautiful

You can wear each perfume on it’s own or you can layer them in any combination to create a fabulous and unique scent designed by yourself…for yourself.

Our perfumes are grouped into Fragrance Families and you can layer perfumes from the same family or mix perfumes from different families – it all depends on your creativity!

A fragrance is generally made with top, middle and bottom notes. The top notes are the ones that you smell immediately when you spray a scent and tend to be light, fresh or fruity. Next you will detect the middle notes which are often floral – some light, others heavy or decadent. Thirdly, and these tend to last the longest, are the base notes, which are often either wood based or spicy.

So, to create your very own unique sophisticated scent we recommend you choose a selection 3 or 4 different Perfume Blends:

Top notes – from the Fresh Family Perfume Blends

Middle notes – from the Floral Family Perfume Blends

Base notes – from the Woodsy or Spicy Family Perfume Blends

Once you have these perfume blends you can then layer to your heart’s content and create your very own personalized scent. The perfume blends are supplied in refillable atomizers – either 10 ml or 20 ml.

Click on each of our bespoke perfume blends below to discover the ingredients and our pricing information.

Fresh Family Perfume Blends

Breezy Ozonic
Crisp Green
Fresh Tonic Sport
Luscious Fruity
Sparkling Citrus

Floral Family Perfume Blends

Fresh Floral
Gentle Floral
Heady Floral
Modern Rose Floral
Sensual Floral

Woodsy Family Perfume Blends

Earthy Mossy
Relaxing Herbal
Warm Woodsy

Spicy Family Perfume Blends

Balsamic Vanilla
Exotic Spicy
Mellow Musky
Smooth Amber