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Sue Phillips features in Wall Street International

Sue Phillips A journey through scent with an international fragrance designer 9 MAY 2020, NOELLE NEWELL Perfume comes from the Latin word per fumem which translates to – “by means of smoke” and in its name it may reflect the origins of perfume referring to incense that was used in religious ceremonies in Ancient Egypt. Many ancient cultures […]

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Online Scent Session Inquiry Form

Thank you for inquiring about an Online Scent Session. These sessions can be for individuals or groups. Please complete the questions below so that I can get back to you and schedule an exciting fragrant online experience for you! Thank you Sue.  

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The Bride Wore Satin and a Woodsy Scent

WEDDINGS By ALIX STRAUSS JAN. 23, 2018 of the NYTimes Is love in the air or is that a personalized wedding perfume? For some brides and grooms the answer is yes to both. In a quest to make their weddings even more memorable and distinctive, they are ordering up custom fragrances to wear on their big day, hoping […]

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Indie Spotlight: Sue Phillips – House Of Fragrance. And other press

 I am delighted to share with you the recent spotlight from the Indie beauty show in which we were featured and had a wonderful response to our custom Fragrances;  in addition I just came off the Emmys in California where we created Fragrances for Susan Sarandon Tiffany Phillips Somma Ray and many many different any […]

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Sue-Phillips_at the scentarium

Q&A with America’s Leading “Scentrepreneur”

Q&A with America’s Leading “Scentrepreneur” SEPTEMBER 20, 2017 Sue Phillips is a big fan of merging words. She’s a self-described “scentrepreneur” and she runs a business as a fragrance consultant that she calls “Scenterprises.” But new words aren’t the only thing she creates. At Phillips’ appointment-only, custom boutique in Manhattan’s TriBeca neighborhood, which she calls […]

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Celebrity Interview – Sue Phillips

Some of my best shows are ones where I feature guests with inner gifts. Sue Phillips has a true talent in the area of aroma. She can easily match a lady to her own soul’s scent. This is not a feat many can make famous, but she has created a budding business that continues to blossom daily. […]

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Sue Phillips speaks at Zurich International’s ZURICH LIVE

So happy and grateful to have been invited to be the keynote speaker and to address Zurich International’s “ZURICH LIVE” women’s empowerment event in Philadelphia, followed by our interactive, fun, experiential Custom Fragrance Bar where all 100 women created their own custom scent. #Personalbranding #femaleempowerment #zurichlive. Thanks to Valerie Butt, Melody Wesemen, Lindy Hood, Kim […]

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ERIN and Lily! ClevverStyle Erin and Lily create their OWN scents

I LOVED meeting ERIN and LILY and we had so much fun creating their fragrances. Reading some of the comments, yes! I am from South Africa and we do pronounce things differently. Zendaya was a sweetheart too, and she named her fragrance “NYZ”. You can check out our website: www.scenterprises.com and if you are interested […]

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Sue at the Scentarium

Little Things Sarah visits The Scentarium

Sarah Pribis –  Little Things Sarah visits The Scentarium and creates her own scent and gets very emotional Say hello to Mochi the Insta-famous pug and his human Gemma Gene from 157 of gemma! Fashion and style advice for women with a fuller figure from blogger Katie Sturino of The 12ish Style, a sweet summer Italian ice […]

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Here’s how to create your own custom fragrance at the ‘Scentarium’

  Noah Friedman – Business Insider UK Jun. 18, 2017, 3:06 PM     We visited the Scentarium to have a 1-on-1 custom fragrance workshop with owner and expert perfumer Sue Phillips. Following is a transcript of the video.  Sue Phillips: Perfumery is both an art and a science. So the quiz will help you determine what […]

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Uncommon Scents: Fragrance Innovator Sue Phillips Understands What Successful Women Want

Sue Phillips can smell a winner. Her own customized fragrance is “bold, feminine, floral with spicy Oriental and amber woodsiness; a floriental,” as she describes it. A “scentrepreneur,” with more than three decades of experience creating, branding, marketing and managing fragrances for Elizabeth Arden, Tiffany, Avon, Trish McEvoy, Burberry, Lancaster and more, Phillips is the […]

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ENTREPRENEUR’S CORNER by New York Lifestyles

By Judy Goss One of the magical things about New York City is that anyone can plant their seed here and blossom into a tremendous success no matter where they are from in the world. Remember Frank Sinatra as he sang, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere…”? I’m reminded of this […]

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Bespoke fragrances that free perfume from the bottle. Fragrances can bear very personal things. It was a cold blistery ice stormy day when I went to Scentarium to meet with Sue Phillips, the Queen of Fragrances.  At first I thought I might have been in the wrong place, but as I wound my way down the […]

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Create your own perfume on line – Summer Special

Have you always wanted to create your own perfume? Do you sometimes struggle to find the perfume that really reflects how you feel? Well – now with Scenterprises’ on line interactive perfume making process – you can design your very own personalized perfume in just a few minutes! Sue Philips of Scenterprises has created a […]

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Create your very own fragrance on line

Are you looking for a perfume that reflects your personality and lifestyle? Then why not create it yourself? It’s simple, easy and so much fun! Here’s how to do it! At Scenterprises we have created a unique Scent Personality Profile quiz and by selecting answers to a series of questions  which reflect your  lifestyle, your […]

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balsamic vanilla perfume blend

Balsamic Vanilla is SENSATIONAL!

Felicia M Hazzard Public May 15, 2017  Greetings! What can I say about Sue Phillips. The Fragrance Expert and CEO of Scenterprises in New York.Sue is so determined in her success as an entrepreneur, techer, consultant and most all a perfumer.Scentarium, a division of Scenterprises is a company where you can create your own […]

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