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The Bride Wore Satin and a Woodsy Scent

WEDDINGS By ALIX STRAUSS JAN. 23, 2018 of the NYTimes Is love in the air or is that a personalized wedding perfume? For some brides and grooms the answer is yes to both. In a quest to make their weddings even more memorable and distinctive, they are ordering up custom fragrances to wear on their big day, hoping […]

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Sue Phillips Scentrepreneur

SUE PHILLIPS – What is the core message of the fragrance?

SUE PHILLIPS (PRESIDENT AND CEO, SCENTERPRISES): “What is the core value? What is the core message of the fragrance?” CREATIVE EXPRESSION: ACTOR INTERVIEW AND NARRATIVE BY KENNEDY GACHIRI FOR THE SUPERSTAR AGENDA PHOTOGRAPHY BY ELENA MUDD “The first thing you have to figure out is, ‘What is the core value?…What is the core message of the fragrance?…Whatever that core […]

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Design Your Own Fragrance – some inspiration

If you’ve ever wanted to design your own fragrance, well now you can with Sue Phillips House of Fragrance Perfume blends – available from both Scenterprises and The Scentarium. With Sue Phillips House of Fragrance Perfume Blends – you can very easily create THREE PERFUMES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! Discover how…… The first stage […]

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