The Scentarium™ – The Heart of Bespoke Perfumery

Sue Phillips’ New York perfume studio, the Scentarium™ Online


Sue with guests who have created their own bespoke scents.

A 30 minute exclusive 1-2-1 session with Sue where you will learn how perfumes are created and how a fragrance can positively affect how you are feeling. You will then take the bespoke Scentarium™ interactive Perfume Personality Profile questionnaire which will be used to create your own personalized scent.

You can book your Scent Experience directly using the button below, or send in an inquiry here. At only $49.00, it’s an experience not to be missed!

You will be in good company, as the Scentarium™ has been visited by many “A”list stars and celebrities including: Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes, Won-G Bruno, Zendaya, Snooki & JWoww, Dirk Nowitzki, Lisa Vanderpump, and many Fortune 500 Clients.

Jamie Foxx at The Scentarium™
Katie Holmes at The Scentarium™
Zendaya at The Scentarium™

Create your own perfume with New York’s Fragrance Expert, Sue Phillips with the Scentarium™ Online, where you will learn all about The Art of Perfumery, and dive into the magical world of scent.

Have you just bought yourself a new fabulous outfit? Or are you planning to get married? Or do you want to plan a party with some of your friends? Then why not book an appointment at the Scentarium™ Online – where custom online scent experiences for an individual or groups are available to create your very own personalized scent.

Our Sense of smell (which uses the Olfactory bulb in the brain) is the strongest and most important Sense, and we need to nurture and foster it. Fragrance is more than just a spritz in the air or a dab on the wrist. It is something that transports you to another place, and may remind you of a past encounter. It is a powerful way to influence people and to also create wonderful business opportunities by creating Bespoke Perfumes or Signature Scents for scent-branding.

So whether you’re an individual or a business, the Scentarium™ Online has a “scentertaining®” experience that will fit whatever it is you are looking for.

Stimulate your sense – learn about what turns you on – create your own chemistry.

Custom Scent Experiences are available for  one person, two people or groups. More information about the Scent Experiences available at the Scentarium™ can be found here.