Fresh Tonic Sport Perfume


Indulge in this exuberant, crisp, green, sporty, juniper scent  Slightly masculine with bold notes.

Sporty fresh juniper- herbal- tonic. Bergamot, galbanum, juniper, geranium, lemon, coriander, lavender- fresh and sporty.

With  Sue Phillips Luxury Perfumes you can wear them alone or layer with each other to create a beautiful, unique fragrance that is as individual as you. They will be sent to you in a beautiful, exclusive Sue Phillips Atomizer which can be re-filled.

Select your preferred atomizer size and color as well as sachet color.

The 10 ml – 1/3 OZ atomizer is available in black, silver or gold with a black sachet only.

The 20 ml – 2/3 OZ atomizer is available in brushed rose gold, brushed black or gold & black – with a choice of sachet colors: purple, black or gold.

The perfumes can be worn on their own – or you can spray more than one onto your skin to create a unique layered perfume of your choice.

Price excludes taxes and shipping.